FLASH Festival 2016

10/06/2016 to 10/22/2016

In our fourth biennial FLASH Festival, Chalk Rep has invited fifteen Los Angeles playwrights to create original ten-minute plays inspired by a space, to be performed in that location. This year we are in residence at St. John's Cathedral, with plays written on the timely theme of Religion & Politics! 


In Case of Emergency

06/03/2016 to 07/03/2016


The garage door of a private home becomes a curtain, rising on Meredith, a single woman who has filled her garage with supplies for any emergency. It's gotten a little out of of hand, which is why she's hired Alex from "Ready, Set, Go" to help her get organized. But neither the supplies nor the prepping expert can prepare her for the...

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In Case of Emergency - La Jolla

10/09/2015 to 10/11/2015

The garage door of a private home becomes a curtain, rising on Meredith, a single woman who has filled her garage with supplies for any emergency. It's gotten a little out of of hand, which is why she's hired Alex from "Ready, Set, Go" to help her get organized. But neither the supplies nor the prepping expert can prepare her for the personal...

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Diet of Worms

06/05/2015 to 06/27/2015

In the convent at Marienthron, a group of nuns decides to combat Martin Luther's heresy through theatre...only to find their own lives transformed. A hilarious and heartwarming play about sisterhood, faith, and the power of art.

Uncle Vanya

02/20/2015 to 03/15/2015

In a new translation by Libby Appel, Chalk Rep explores Chekhov's mid-life crisis play with hyper-realism, setting it in the here and now at Neutra Institute Museum of Silverlake.

FLASH Festival 2014

10/09/2014 to 10/25/2014

A downtown high-rise apartment building is the host for our third FLASH Festival, in which 15 LA Playwrights are invited to write original 10-minute plays to be performed in a specific location. 15 teams of Actors and Directors were then given up to 8 hours of rehearsal to stage the new plays in furnished and unfurnished apartments, the lobby,...

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Lady Windermere's Fan - Remount

07/27/2014 to 08/03/2014

Back by Popular Demand! Chalk Rep restages its 2013 production of Lady Windermere's Fan at UCLA's William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. Limited engagement - two weekends only!

Fool For Love

06/14/2014 to 07/06/2014

The backhouse of a private residence is transformed into May's 1980s seedy hotel room as she attempts to untangle herself from Eddie on the night their hearts reach the breaking point.

Gallery Secrets

09/21/2013 to 10/13/2013

In conjunction with the Natural History Museum of L.A. County’s 100th Anniversary, GALLERY SECRETS, premieres four new short plays commissioned by four Los Angeles playwrights performed after hours at NHM. Each play is inspired by an assigned gallery, and set in the time period when that gallery was built, uncovering 100 years of history,...

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Lady Windermere's Fan

07/27/2013 to 08/18/2013

Chalk Repertory Theatre cordially requests your presence at a very small, very early, very select garden party, in celebration of the 21st birthday of Lady Margaret Windermere. Performed on the grounds of UCLA's historic William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.


03/01/2013 to 04/07/2013

What do you do with a bad mom? In Dorothy Fortenberry's new comedy set in the not-too-distant future, the government has found the perfect solution: maternal reeducation facilities or Mommunes. Chalk Repertory Theatre invites Los Angeles audiences to experience the future of mothering in its World Premiere production of Mommune by Dorothy...

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FLASH Festival 2012

09/08/2012 to 09/23/2012

FLASH Festival 2012 challenges fifteen Los Angeles playwrights to write a ten-minute play inspired by and performed in The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. With only eight hours of rehearsal, fifteen teams of directors and actors will bring these fifteen plays to life over three weekends in September inside The Page Museum.


02/02/2012 to 02/25/2012

Intertwining like snakes, the tales of four women illuminate the ever-shifting relationship between women, power, and religion in the play Slither by award-winning playwright Carson Kreitzer. Through the love and survival of a carnival snake dancer, a preacher’s wife, a Cretan priestess, and Eve, the mother of us all, Kreitzer gives a fresh...

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Hell Money

04/01/2011 to 04/24/2011

A comedy exploring the plight of two young women who have graduated from the foster care system trying to make a life for themselves in Los Angeles. The action unfolds over one roller coaster night when their luck turns to hell and all of their plans come crashing down around them. Performed in Chalk Rep’s signature, site-specific style at...

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FLASH Festival 2010

09/18/2010 to 10/10/2010

Twenty Los Angeles playwrights are challenged to create a short play set and performed in an assigned location at Mount Hollywood Congregational Church. With only eight hours of rehearsal, twenty teams of directors and actors bring these twenty plays to life starting September 18th, five shows per week for four weeks.

Full Disclosure

04/23/2010 to 06/06/2010

Set up as an open house, the audience is invited into the home by Sunny, a singer-turned-realtor who would really like you to buy the house she has to sell. As she shows off all its features and feeds the audience tea and cookies, there are a few things she just has to disclose. Full Disclosure is a comical tragedy about the people who sell...

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Twelfth Night

02/05/2010 to 02/28/2010

Under the direction of Jerry Ruiz, Chalk Rep’s Twelfth Night integrates indie folk rock and a high fashion sensibility into Shakespeare’s classic comedy of love and mistaken identity. In the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


10/14/2009 to 11/22/2009

Rachel and James are a white couple who move to Ohio from Uganda hoping to provide a better life for their adopted, African son, Daniel. However, they struggle to find a place for Daniel in the public school system as he suffers from a severe case of PTSD. The play follows his progress through the eyes of the adults who are responsible for him...

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The Debate Over Courtney O'Connell of Columbus Nebraska

07/18/2009 to 08/23/2009


THE DEBATE is set in a tavern in Nebraska where Courtney’s ex-boyfriend has challenged her new fiancé to a public debate for her hand, invoking the "Morgan Morality Act of 1894." The audience listens as the men try to woo Courtney through a formal debate process, and Courtney is forced to choose a winner. The second act of the play...

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Family Planning

04/03/2009 to 04/26/2009

An intimate portrait of a marriage strained by infertility, performed in four private homes in four Los Angeles neighborhoods over four weekends.